Thursday, December 30, 2010

We will be taking off for a first of the year camping trip. Happy New Years everyone.  A few days early, but since I will have no internet and cannot blog for a few days, this will be my New Year's greeting to you all.

Cold and wet, rainy, snowy, and overcast predictions, make for a New Year that will be colder than usual.  Warming up with a good book, a good fire, or just a nice heater or blanket, will make your days much better and warmer.

I pray you will all have precious time with loved ones, and that as this year comes in with the windy blows of the cold weather, may you be encouraged with the thought of the spring coming soon.  The wet weather means a greener and brighter spring with the grass growing and the flowers blooming.  So, instead of thinking of all that is wrong, look towards what is right and good.

Philippians 4:8 says, "[8]  And now, dear brothers and sisters, let me say one more thing as I close this letter. Fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable and right. Think about things that are pure and lovely and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise."  So, let us do what this says.  Let's take our thoughts captive and apply this verse to what we are thinking and see if it lines up.  If it doesn't line up, lets junk it into the trash heap of wrong thinking, so we can have a year that excels any other year we've ever had.  God bless your New Year with great and good things.  Look forward and not backward.  Look for the precious gifts He gives you each day.  Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last night the wind was blowing, the rain was falling, and our dog Cocoa was wanting to go out, but as soon as she saw how it was out there, she would run right back into the house with her tail between her legs.  After doing this 4 or 5 times, I was getting pretty frustrated with her, but what could I do?  She needed to go, and I sure didn't want to clean up a mess in the morning.

Well, this morning I got up, and she was good all night, so I knew she needed me to let her out.  It had rained a bit earlier, but was just cold and wet at this moment.  I called her to me, and opened the door.  She was out of there like a rocket.  She did her business and was so happy.  Shortly after she went, I heard some more rain falling down.  Just in time, for her to be taken care of, and me to be relieved to help her along.

Sometimes our lives are like that.  We know we need to do something, but the fear and the troubles keep us locked up in our little lives, not willing to take the chance of going "out there" to take care of that business.  Sometimes we have to wait for a better time, and then be relieved to be finally getting that opportunity to "take care of business".  Sometimes, we realize we have someone watching over us, helping us along, and we are able to say, "thank you".

Seeing the rain, hearing the wind, and wanting to be like the eagle that is exhilarated by the opportunity to fly high because of the winds strength.  I want to be waiting on the Lord, renewing my strength like that eagle, so that I can run and not be weary.  There is a verse in the Bible that says, "Be not weary in doing good, for in due time you shall reap your reward."  Sometimes it seems we plug along and plug along, seeing no fruit on our trees.  We wonder if we've been left behind.  We wonder when we'll see the fruit bursting forth and in plenteous supply.  This verse gives us hope to keep persevering along.  In DUE time, we'll see our labors rewarded.  Just like our Cocoa.  She waited all night (which was very hard on her) and was rewarded with that opportunity to get her job done.

I pray you will see fruit this season.  I pray you will begin to see light at the end of that tunnel.  I pray that you will look to Jesus for help in your distress.  He is always there and always willing and able to help.  God bless you tonight.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Getting Started

Hello out there.  I have been thinking of doing a blog for so long, and two people I know are doing one, which encouraged me to put my hand to "paper" ur computer and begin to share my words.

Lisa," A Day In The Life...", and Kaylee "Kaylee's Adventures" are my two inspiring authors.  Lisa has such a way with words, and I am always looking forward to see what she will share.  Kaylee does a wonderful job of writing as well, and she has done some very fun things.

Today, I just want to say that holidays are hard for a lot of people, especially those who have lost a loved one in their lives.  This year we lost my husband's mom.  She was an amazing woman, who was also a sad and lonely one.  We communicated with love, as she only spoke Portuguese, and I only spoke American English, with each of us having a spattering of the other's language to help us along.  She came from the Azores, Portugal to America when she was in her late thirties, along with her husband and four children.  She spoke no English, and she was not a sophisticated woman, so all our advantages of American life, were truly beyond her understanding.

When my husband and I first began dating, she was not sure I was a good choice, because I was "American" and not "Portuguese".  When my brother-in-law chose his first wife, and his mom complained that she wasn't Portuguese, he said  "Well, neither is Laura".  Her response was, "Well, she is different."   That was the statement that let me know she had accepted me fully, as a choice worthy of her son, and was high praise coming from her lips.

Losing her this year was difficult and sad.  Even though it was definitely her time to go, it is never easy to lose someone you love.  It was amazing to see the family rally together and the love and support of each other was such a blessing to see.  Her priest said something so profound.  He said, "Our highest calling is to live our lives for God.  That is the purpose we were put on this earth, to live for Him.  To praise Him.  To love Him."

So, if you have lost someone this year, either through death, divorce, distance, or just growing apart, my heart is here for you.  I share your pain.  I understand what it means to feel bittersweet because you want to share in the joy, but then you remember someone is missing from your midst, that you really wanted to share this with.  Of course, I have felt this way already, through the years since 2002 when we lost our niece Desi to that awful cancer.  She, too, was in my thoughts this Christmas and missing her, brought tears to my eyes.  But joy to my heart knowing she had the best party seat ever in heaven.

So, you say, how is this encouraging to start with?  The encouragement is that our lives don't end with death.  The memories never stop.  Their lives will always have meaning, if we share them with others.  If they know Jesus, then their lives will never end.  The encouragement is that the lives we live now, are but a small part of our eternal destiny.  We are just beginning a journey that can be challenging at times, painful, or frustrating.  It can also be a choice we make, to go through our lives looking for the good things God promises us in the Bible.  A destiny that is to bless us and not to harm us.  I choose to see the good in this coming year.  That is the encouragement I share with you.  To join me in finding the positive and good things that happen each day, and to remember those we love through each  one of them.  Love and prayers to you all.