Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!  I have been so sorry for not posting for a whole year.  So many things have happened in this last year, that I don't even know where to begin, except to say "We were busy".  In my family newsletter, I shared some of the highlights of our year, both good and bad, but I am not sure I want to go over all of that now.  Let's just say, we experienced a lot of life, a lot of seeing those we love pass over to glory, and celebrating two weddings this year, one a niece and one our middle daughter Jolynn, and her new husband Jordan Silva, and an engagement that we were looking forward to hearing about, for our oldest daughter and her fiance, Nathan Bowersox.  They will be married this month, and already have so much taken care of for this wonderful day.

As Isolino and I and our youngest daughter took a road trip for our annual camping venture to Bodega Bay, I began thinking over this year and of what I would like to change or accomplish or even figure out in my life.  I came to the realization, that this last year, was a very difficult one for me, and that I want my joy back.  As Kaylee and I were waiting to bring in the New Year together, my heart was full of happiness and joy.  I wanted to run out onto the beach and raise my hands and yell "Praise God!"  No, I didn't do that, as it was cold out and I was fighting to overcome a cold, so I didn't think I should do that, but my heart and my spirit did!  I woke up, ready for the day, and full of that same joy.  Oh, to see this sunrise, to know the One who created that sun and spoke its purpose into being, brings such abundance to my soul.  This was the sunrise today, at Bodega Bay, on the first day of 2013, it was full of such wonder.  The birds were rejoicing as well, as they were flying today, like no other day that we were there.  The colors were glorious and the ocean was booming with life.  It was as if, they too, knew this was a New Year, a new start for them, as well as for us.  Let us all rejoice in knowing that no matter what our circumstances, God IS for us.  He loves us so much.  He wants us to gird up our loins, and believe for good things this year.  He wants us to live in His kingdom, not mans.  Let us lift up our eyes to the Lord, maker of heaven and earth, and rejoice in what He has done.  He overcame, so that we could live as conquerors.  Let us not give up or give in, but let us firmly plant our feet on the solid ground of our Lord Jesus Christ, and let Him give us the Words to speak, and the plans for our lives.  God bless each of you this first day of the year, and all throughout each day of this years stretch of time.  May you find each day a blessing and a joy.  May God give you something each day, to hold onto His hands.  I love you all.