Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Helmet of Salvation

And take the helmet of salvation.... We put on the helmet of salvation.  We put on Jesus.  He is our head.  He is our salvation.  Through Him, we have eternal life.  It says in God's Word that "Jesus is the head of the church, building her up, as each member does its part, and submits to Him."  (this is my paraphrase of that wonderful verse).
     The helmet goes on the head.  It protects the head from harm.  It keeps the head safe from falls and falling objects and blows to the cranium.  It supports and covers the head with padding, solid strength, and a hard outer shell to repel any falls or blows.  That is why helmets in the olden days were made of iron or steel.  With modern technology, other substances have been found to be just as effective.
     Jesus protects us.  He keeps us safe from falling into trouble, He keeps us safe from the flying darts of the enemy, and the blows to our minds that the enemy fights us with.  He supports us like a strong tower.  He covers our minds with His Word, He is strong when we are weak.  He has already defeated the enemy with His power, so that the enemies arrows and darts are deflected away from us. The Bible says "He has a rod of iron."  Nothing is impossible for Him.
     Salvation is found in no one else.  In nothing else.  We can't make ourselves clean or whole.  We can only come to Jesus, and allow Him to do the work within us that needs to be done.  He is the gate by which we must enter the pasture of the Lord.  If we want to eat the good spiritual food He has for us, we have to come through Him.  I love that we are joined together in Him.  We each have a part to play, and in Him, we work to complete the plan God has laid out.
     I am so saddened by Christians who forget who  is the head of the church, the head of them.  When we forget that, we hurt each other by our own desires to put ourselves forward.  Each of us comes equally to the cross.  I remember telling a young lady coming out of darkness, that her sin was no greater than mine.  Our sin took Jesus to the cross.  We have equal blame.  There is none righteous, no not one, but Jesus Christ.  So, where do we figure that someones sin makes them more needy, or someones righteousness makes them more holy?  Yes, there are variations of darkness, but sin is sin.  The sin of pride is as witchcraft to God.  So, if you are walking in pride, you are already in witchcraft.  It is saying "MY will is more important than GOD'S will."  That is what witchcraft is, plain and simple.  It is trying to change something with your will, instead of allowing God to change that situation.  It is using control, intimidation, and manipulation to get someone to do what you want them to do.  Folks, we better get out of pride, really fast!  It is a pathway we don't want to walk down.
     I remember when I was younger and first married.  God told me very plainly, that I was not to try to manipulate or control with any means of my flesh.  I was to allow God to change those situations with His Presence and Power.  I wasn't to try and use my sexuality against my husband by denying him our bed, just to get my way.  That is very wrong, ladies and gentlemen.  We are to love the 1 Corinthians 13 way.  Not seeing a hurt or  noticing when we've been done wrong.  I have a long way to go to get to that kind of love, but it is something I am striving for, how about you?  We are to love just as unconditionally as we want to be loved.  Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.  So many times, I had to bite my tongue, so the hot virulent flow of anger would not spill out, like lava, burning all in its wake, with its brimstone power.  I would have to go and get quiet and still, to hear from my Head.  To get good understanding of what I needed to do and say.
     God reminds me, when I am angry about something or someone, "Laura, do you think you are any better than them?"  I tell you, that sure makes me get real humble, real fast.  I am reminded of my very real failings.  I am reminded that I, too, have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  My redemption is this, I serve a Living Savior, Who has forgiven me, and shown me the way to go.  I can walk free of that guilt and shame, as I lay my burden down at His feet, ask for forgiveness, and make things right, by forgiving those I am having a problem with.  He said "He will be faithful to complete the work He has started in me."  Glory Hallelujah!  I jump for joy at that phrase.  He will complete in me, the work that needs to be done.  I just have to submit to Him, and learn to work with my fellow body parts.  I need to give grace, if I expect to get grace for myself.  Isn't that what forgiveness is?  Unmerited favor with God?  He gives us favor, even when we don't deserve it.  Grace, God's Grace.

  Oh how we need the Grace of God in this time and day.  How we need to remember that while we were YET sinners, Christ died for us.  He didn't die for us when we got holy, He died while we were still in our sins.  Why can't we extend that grace to each other?  Why can't we choose not to be like the man, who when he was forgiven much, then demanded from his neighbor a pittance?  He was thrown into jail and the key was thrown away.  Brothers and sisters, we need to walk in grace more so now, than ever before.  The world is dark with
unforgiveness and pain.  I am talking to me, here, too.  I need to walk in more grace too.  I need to seek my Father's heart and stay in step with the Spirit, and be built up in love, in the Body of Christ.  I need to pray that those out there, lost souls who need this helmet of salvation so desperately, would find this loving Savior that I know.  This Jesus, Who came to set the captives free.  Hallelujah!
     I pray that each of you will find Jesus as your Head.  That He will cover you with His precious Blood.  His Blood that covers us with salvation.  From head to toe, we are covered by this helmet.  The Blood of Jesus covers us with power and strength.  With protection and light.  May you find out just how very much He loves you and how truly free you are in Him.  I love you all.  Be blessed by the Salvation of Christ, as He covers you like a helmet of protection and stands with strength and power to deflect all the wiles of the enemy that rises up against you.  His mind cover your mind.  His heart cover your heart.  His Spirit cover your spirit.  His eyes cover your eyes.  His Body cover each part of your body.