Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Belt Of Truth

     I have been delayed in getting back to my blog, and I sincerely  apologize to all who have been checking it out each day, waiting for the continuation of our spiritual armor.
     We first "gird on our loins, the belt of truth."   We tighten it around ourselves.  We make sure that we are wearing that truth tightly to ourselves.    We put on this armor daily.
      We need to remember, that each piece of this armor is a representation of Christ in our lives.  We are putting HIM on ourselves each day.  As we speak each piece over ourselves, we should be remembering that this is Christ, that we are putting on.  As we continue, you will see how true this is.
     Why is the belt of truth first?  I used to always put the helmet of salvation on first, because (in my ego) I thought that made more sense to put on salvation, and then add each piece after that.  One day, I realized that was pretty presumptuous of me to think I was right, and the Bible was not, so I asked God why the belt came first.  He told me "that if we didn't put on His Truth first, we would be subject to the lies the enemy wanted to use on any part of that armor." What I understood that to mean was this, at any time after we put truth on, that piece was covered by God's Truth.  The pieces we put on before that, were open to the enemy's attack.  You better believe I started putting the armor in the right order after that.  I sure don't want to give the enemy any more ammunition than he already has.
     Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  When we gird that belt on, we are girding on His Way, His Truth, and His Life.  He told His disciples that "If they abode in His Word [held fast to His teachings and live in accordance with them], they are truly His disciples.  And they would know the truth and the truth would set them free."   This word is for us today, too.  When we hide God's Word in our hearts, we begin to change into the image God has of us in our completed state.  He sees us as complete, but we still have work to do, to get there.  That work, is living in accordance to God's Word.  Read John 15 and 16 to get a better understanding of what I am talking about.  In John 15, Jesus tells His disciples that it is good He is going away, because then the Spirit of Truth will come, and He will testify of Jesus.
     So, having that belt around us is so vital and important.  In the Amplified Bible, it says this of the Spirit of God, "Comforter, Counselor, Helper, Advocate, Intercessor, Strengthener, and Standby".  I find each of these names so vital to our lives.  Truth is needed in each of these areas, and in each of these areas, we have the Spirit of Truth reminding us of Jesus.  The belt was to support the soldier by holding him up, by helping him keep his armor on.  It was also important for holding the weapons of war, that soldier would be fighting with.  The Holy Spirit does those things for us, and brings us back to Jesus, and His Life in us.
     We can never be free in our lives, as long as we hold onto an untruth.  My family helps me to stay in tune to the truth.  My husband, my children, my brothers, my sisters, my mom and my dad, all help me to work on issues I need to face and deal with.  My church family does this as well.  My friends do this.  But what if I were unwilling to hear and listen?  Their efforts would not work.  I would stay chained to my issues, and not grow.  How about you?  Do you want to grow?  You will have to hear some things you might not want to hear.  You will have to make some changes that will not be easy to do, but the efforts will be richly worth it all.  If you do not face the problem, the problem will never change.  You see, you ARE part of the problem, whenever you refuse to listen to wisdom.  Truth hurts, but its wisdom lances our pain, to get the pus and junk out, so we can heal cleanly.  I for one, would rather get the poison out, and have good health, than to have poison running rampart in my body or soul.
Some people enjoy staying in their problems, because it gives them attention.  I don't want attention for something that is holding me back.  I don't like to talk about the issues of my health, not because I am ignorant of them, but because I am choosing to live my life to the fullest I can in spite of it.  I know God is touching my body.  Each day I get up, is victory time.  Do you find yourself talking about that "pain" that "disease" that "child" that "man" that "woman" that "friend" that "anything", that is holding you back in YOUR mind?  Give it to God.  Ask Him to show you the truth that you need to know, and let Him lance it with His Truth, and get it clean, so you can be the amazing person God has called you to be.  I have been praying for healing for years, and God has told me it will take a long time.  He wasn't kidding.  I get discouraged, and I get to feeling bad because I can't do more.  You know what, when I tell people all the things I do, they can't believe I do it.

     Truth hurts, but it is also brings laughter and joy when you finally get it.  I used to wonder why people would laugh when I was telling them a serious truth from God's Word.  It really bothered me when I was so seriously telling someone something, and they'd begin to laugh.  I would go away, feeling hurt and rejected because I didn't get it.  I finally began to pray about it, and ask God to help me understand why this happened all the time.  He told me, "Laura, you spoke the truth, and it set them free, and they received joy because of it."  I began to not mind so much when this happened, because I rejoiced that they were getting free, more, than I cared how it made me feel.  Soon, it didn't even make me feel bad that they were laughing, it just made me so happy inside that truth was setting someone free.  You see, we need to ask God to help us understand when we don't get the reactions we expect.  It might be totally different than how we were believing it to be.
My dear ones, don't be afraid of the truth.  Don't be afraid to let God highlight those dark places, with His illuminating Light.  Know that if He is illuminating it, it is time to deal with whatever it is.  It might hurt, to have to face that issue, but remember, that hurt will pass, and the joy and freedom you will receive, will so far surpass your pain, that you will be forever grateful He brought you to that healing place.  I encourage you, place that belt of truth firmly in place, and walk boldly forward to that next piece of armor.  God bless you dear ones.